Ventral View

Cretaceous Period
Goulmima,  Morocco
Matrix W 15” x H 9”




Diplomystus dentatus
Eocene Period
Green River Formation, Kemerer ,  Wyoming
Matrix W 30” x H 20.75”





Fish Fish

W 36 Fossil Ray - A rare member of the "libanopristis" family.
It is the only complete specimen known.

Cretaceous Period – approx. 100 million years old
Goulmima, Morocco
Fossil length-curved measure: 51”
Matrix: 42” x 22”
Museum Prep Private Collection

W 35
This is the only specimen in existence-yet to be identified.

Cretaceous Period – approx. 100 million years old
Atlas Mountains, Mibladen, Morocco
Fossil length: 25.5"  Matrix: 31" x 13"
Museum Prep
British Museum of Natural History


Xiphactinus audax
Early Cretaceous Period – approximately 100 million years old.
Niobara Formation, Sandy Hill Chalk, Grove County, Kansas
Matrix: 60” x 25”
Private Collection